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How to Beat That Summer Heat

It is August and here in Georgia, we are at the peak of summer, which means hot temperatures! Anyone who has used a Porta Potty in the summertime knows that if not properly maintained, they can become pretty stinky. So Peachy wants to talk about ways to help minimize the odors between cleanings:

1. Ask everyone to keep the seat down. At home, we want to keep the seat down to keep our pups from drinking, but in a Porta Potty, it helps force the odor out of the vent pipe rather than the restroom.

2. Look at adding a second cleaning during the summer. An additional cleaning during the summer will minimize any odors since the waste is removed and recharged with fresh deodorizer twice a week.

3. Add water. If it gets bad between cleanings, adding a bucket of water to help submerge any waste will help with the smells until your next cleaning.

What does Peachy do? We use PortaClear which is an all-natural water-based solution that replaces the standard blue chemical deodorant that you likely associate with portable restrooms. But what’s the difference? PortaClear is all-natural, contains no chemicals, is sustainable, and color and fragrance are additionally added to aid in odor containment. Because PortaClear functions on a biological level, it essentially stops odors before they can be released. Peachy also conducts regular cleanings to help maintain clean and odor-free units. Though the heat can present some challenges, here at Peachy we do everything we can to keep units in perfect condition all year round!

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