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There was a porta-potty near the edge of a small cliff...

Portable Restroom on Truck

Everyday young Bobby would walk by the Porta-potty on the way home from school, and every day he would resist the temptation to kick it off the edge of the cliff. This all changed one day when Bobby had a particularly bad day at school. He had learned about boring topics, like how George Washington cut down a cherry tree and wasn't punished because he was honest, and Bobby had also failed a math test. He was heading to his friend's house, and since he was in a bad mood, he decided he would actually kick the porta-potty down the cliff this time. He gave it a solid kick and saw it tumble end over end down the cliff until it finally reached a stop at the bottom. Bobby now felt satisfied and continued on his way to his friend's house. Bobby had a great time at his friend's house but then had to go home. However, when he got home his father was in a particularly bad mood. His father asked Bobby if he knew why the porta-potty was at the bottom of the cliff. Bobby was very nervous and wanted to lie, but he thought about George Washington and the cherry tree and decided he should come clean.

Bobby told his father: "It was me, dad. I won't lie to you. I kicked the porta-potty down the cliff because I was in a bad mood." So it came as a shock to Bobby when his father suddenly grabbed him and spanked him.

Bobby, now in tears because of the pain, said: "Why dad? Why did you hurt me, George Washington's dad didn't punish him when he cut down the cherry tree."

The father looked Bobby dead in the eyes and said "That's because George Washington's father wasn't in the cherry tree"

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